GST Services

Migration to GST (Provisional and Final)

  •   Assist to resolve queries related to migration
  •   Assess need for separate registration in different states
  •   Assistance in obtaining provisional and final certificate of registration in one and multiple states
  •   Advise on framework of CGST, IGST and SGST Laws


  •   Training sessions on GST Concept & Mechanism
  •   Input Tax Credit and Documentation
  •   Branch Accounts & Records
  •   Invoicing under GST
  •   Place of Supply and Location of Supplier Rules
  •   Filing of GST Returns

Application of Place of Supply Rules

  •   Examine ‘Place of Supply’ for each transaction as per ‘place of supply’ Rules’
  •   Classify transactions as inter or intra-state based on ‘place of supply’ rules
  •   Determine GST liability for each transaction – whether (CGST +SGST) or IGST?

Input Tax Credit

  •   Resolve the queries related to flow of Input Tax Credit in the supply chain of XYZ India
  •   Advise on best practices/documentation to ensure easy availability of Input Tax Credit throughout the supply chain

Treatment of Common Services

  •   GST shall be applicable on Common Services from Head Office to different branches/ factories
  •   Identify Common Services (Finance, HR, Tax etc) being performed from Head Office
  •   Valuation of Common Services
  •    Determine GST Liability on common services
  •   Assist in claiming of credits with respect to common services
  •   Evaluate need for registering as Input Service Distributor

‘Pricing Impact’

  •   Assess GST Impact on Revenue and Procurement Streams
  •   Undertake thorough supply chain analysis and map input and output taxes
  •   Map tax impact from current regime to GST Regime – draw up a comparative statement for current vs GST Regime
  •   Assess credit differentials
  •   Determine tax savings and elimination of dead costs
  •   Evaluate price reduction impact
  •   Assist the Company in steering safe of anti-profiteering action

Transition of Input Tax Credits from Current to GST Regime

  •   Provide guidance on conditions for transition of credits
  •   Provide practical recommendations to ensure that maximum credits are transferred
  •   Assist in capturing maximum credits under last Service Tax Return
  •   Assist in laying down the process for pending refund claims, if any

Accounting for Branches

  •   Assist in maintenance of separate accounts for each registered person
  •   Guidance on kinds of accounts to be maintained for each branch office
  •   Assist in Integration of Branch Accounts with Company Accounts/ Accounting software

Classification of goods/ services

  •   Assist in putting in place list of HSN Codes for goods and services involved in outward & inward supply
  •   Put in place list of Service Accounting Codes for Services involved in outward & inward supply


  •   Advise on best practices on invoicing under GST (when to invoice, treatment of advance payments etc)
  •   To put in place the process for making revision in values of outward supplies already invoiced by issue of Supplementary Invoice or Debit & Credit Notes.
  •   To put in place the process for gathering contents for issue of invoices, supplementary invoices, debit & credit notes, receipt for advance payments from customers

GST Returns and Advisory Services

  •   Assist in putting in place process for gathering data & documents for inward and outward details, monthly returns and annual returns.
  •   To put in place the process for gathering data & documents for annual return & reconciliation Statement between Financial Statements & Returns